Cayman Consults can assist you in facilitating, at a minimal cost and value for money solution by setting a hustle free recruitment and payroll management model. You need not worry about the statutory requirements, legal requirements of recruiting, contracting, management and payment of staff. We take care of all this. Our payroll management model is currently available in 8 African countries.

Cayman consults through its Contract management model takes on the administrative and contract obligation for the following;

Sourcing of Staff

Under the sourcing of staff, we undertake to recruit from different countries based on the skill requirements. We currently have immense connections that facilitate our ability to recruit from all over the world.

sourcing staff - cayman consults

Step 1

Our sourcing models include the following;

Step 2

The next step in the sourcing of staff offering is facilitating the interview process.

We have developed a cross border model of Quality assurance ensuring our initial selection criteria guarantees that by the time we present an interview shortlist to Trigyn Technologies, there is a 98% success rate of staff selection. We can comfortably arrange video conference call interviews between Trigyn Technologies in India and the shortlisted staff for interview, therefore reducing significantly, Trigyn’s travel costs to conduct interviews.

Step 3

Background Check

As part of our Quality assurance process, we always undertake background checks on the staff that Trigyn Technologies finally selects to ensure that they possess the qualities and qualifications that are represented on the Curriculum Vitae. The Background check will include the following;

This process ensures that Cayman consults does not recruit on behalf of Trigyn Technologies any staff that have been blacklisted for fraudulent reasons.

Step 4

Contracting Process

Cayman consults Limited is structured to be the contract holder of the outsourcing contract with Trigyn Technologies.  This ensures that any staff contractual obligations are taken up and no litigation in case of a staff relationship failure is passed on to Trigyn Technologies. We have over years built contracts that ensure that we protect our clients against failed staff relationships.

On Boarding Logistics

Cayman Consults Limited has built a reputation to offer the logistics assignment to our Client as illustrated below.

onboarding logistics - cayman consults

Step 1


Step 2

On Boarding

At Cayman Consults, we ensure that all staff engagements take on international best practices. In this regard, we have developed synergies and capacity to undertake the following on behalf of Trigyn Technologies for its International and local staff.


The administration component of the Payroll outsourcing in all the 8 countries where we operate is contractually handled by Cayman affiliates In Uganda with Local Administration support staff in the 8 countries to ensure a seamless service to our client. These will include but not limited to

administration - cayman consults

Labour Externalization

Cayman Consults can assist you in facilitating, at a minimal cost and value for money solution by setting a hustle free Labour Externalization service. Because of the need to meet urgent offshore labour recruitment needs, we can support you to fill the following staffing requirements from Africa to your Home Country offices.

labor externalization - cayman consults

Cayman Consults is the regions number one HR outsourcing company. We provide cost effective HR solutions for companies that do not require a full time HR manager but still require a system in place and to ensure compliance with federal law. We take away the administration, stress and time so leading managers can concentrate on their core business.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with more information:

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